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It will be strata titled and residents will be able to buy their lot as they would in a normal freehold environment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark Steinert, Stockland Corporation Limited - MD & CEO [13] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps, we can go to the phones, if there is no more in the room for now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard Jones, JPMorgan - Analyst [15] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a couple of resi questions to start off. Of the 5,800 freestyles, can you break out how much of that is in Sydney and typically how much is in Melbourne? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Whitson, Stockland Corporation Limited - Group Executive & CEO, Residential [16] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard, I don't have the exact numbers, but I can get that for you. There is a couple of thousands of them in -- it's around 2,000 in Melbourne and there's around 1,000 in -- just over 1,000 in Sydney, but can I come back to you with the exact numbers, if you don't mind? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard Jones, JPMorgan - Analyst [17] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, sure. And then just in terms of second half settlements in New South Wales, you only had [250-odd] first half. Can you give us a ballpark how much contribution you might get in second half? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Whitson, Stockland Corporation Limited - Group Executive & CEO, Residential [18] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's going to be similar numbers to last year. So yes, the Elara numbers in the first half were very low, so they didn't make a significant contribution there at all.